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Framework Programme MDI 2019


Conference topics

  • Session 0 - Physiotherapist in Poland, Europe and the world
  • Session I - Physiotherapy in modern medicine
  • Session I BIS - Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (Session language: Polish)
  • Session II - Movement treatment - in different medical disciplines
  • Session III - Manual therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic in senior age
  • Session IV - Achievements of modern neurology and neurosurgery
  • Session V - Temporomandibular joints and pelvic statics
  • Session VI - Physiotherapy and biomedical engineering of the musculoskeletal system diseases in children and adults
  • Session VII - Kinesiology Taping in medicine and competitive sport
  • Session VIII - Physiotherapy and Biomedical engineering in vascular diseases
  • Session IX - Psychosomatics, integration and Programming of Physiotherapy
  • Session X - Cross-border University of the Third Age (Session language: Polish)
  • 3rd Students' International Scientific Conference (Session language: English)

Planned workshops:

  • Workshops
    • WS-MAN - Differentiation in manual therapy (prof. Steve Milanese, AU)
    • WS-LAB - DIERS 4Dmotion® in the objectifying progress of Physiotherapy. Interpretation of the results (prof. Helmut Diers, DE)
    • WS-IGA - Needle therapy for physiotherapists (doktor Andrzej Rakowski, PL)
    • WS-PAN - Chronic pain management- constructing the evidence (prof. Carol Clark, GB)
    • WS-ODS - Work on breathing in scoliosis (doktor n. med. Ewa Górna, PL)
    • WS-MBO - MBO and Kinesiology Taping. Navigation in dynamic taping (prof. Zbigniew Śliwiński, PL)

The organisers have the right to change, in particular to cancel selected workshops or courses.